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Summer Breeze
Beauty and the Beach

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze
Paul Gavin, Oil on canvas, 2005

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A Dance Etched in Your Memory

Paul Gavin Fine Art A billowing towel, bronzed skin glistening wet, and errant blowing strands of tousled hair. White salty wisps crumble atop a translucent swell cresting into a breaking wave that bursts into churning bubbling foam that gradually flattens as it wanders, hissing softly until it quietly disappears.

Has a simple and common sight you've seen many times before suddenly enchanted you and touched your heart in a way you can't explain or forget?

In Summer Breeze, from the continuing Beauty and the Beach series, an everyday beach scene becomes an energized choreographed dance etched in your memory. It is a silent, eternal moment where the waves will continue to break, the sun will always shine and the breeze will forever blow. It is a place in your heart where part of you always is and forever will be.

Such is a Paul Gavin painting.

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