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MCAS Miramar Logo

MCAS Miramar logo

MCAS Miramar Logo
Paul Gavin & Kimberleigh Gavin, 1996

The Creation of the
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Base Logo

Paul Gavin Fine Art The MCAS Miramar Logo was created by artists Kimberleigh and Paul Gavin in 1996. Paul Gavin begain doing USMC art work at MCAS Tustin in 1984 and began working with MCAS El Toro in 1989.

He married Kimberleigh in 1993 and together they have supported the Marines and all Armed Forces since then including the then NAS Miramar in 1993 as well. When the BRAC decided the Marines would be moving from both MCAS Tustin and MCAS El Toro to NAS Miramar and the Navy would be split amongst NAS Fallon, CA, NAS Ocean at Virginia Beach, VA and NAS Lemoore, CA, the Gavins were asked by Col Jimmy Cranford, USMC and LtCol Ed Downum, USMC to design the soon to be MCAS Miramar logo in 1996 and together came to the final design.

The Eagle, Globe and Anchor, the banner and the Corsair are from the original MCAS Miramar logo from 1949. The color Blue represents the Sea, the light blue the sky and the green the land and the lightning bolts the striking power of the USMC from all three. The coast line of San Diego harbor is represented in the section at bottom.

Because no specific contractor could be represented in an official logo, the aircraft are close to the Sikorsky CH-53E's and MD F-18's then used by the Marines - but not exactly. The lighting bolts are also close to the similar curved bolts used by the San Diego Chargers - based in the Jack Murphy stadium near the base.

The Gavins are also the creators of the world's largest Eagle Globe and Anchor painted on the Bob Hope Theater at MCAS Miramar that was conceived by then MCAS Director Richard Soule.

The Gavins continue their work for MCAS Miramar at the annual MCAS Miramar Air Show and at military events across the country including JB Andrews, MD.

LtCol Downum continues after retirement as the Direcor of the MCAS Miramar Air Show, the largest military air show in the United States.

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undated Miramar Air Show graphic

The Gavins have been active participants in miliary air shows across America for decades including MCAS Miramar Air Show and MCAS El Toro Air Show.

El Toro Air Show

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