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On Location: The '51 Ford Truck

The '51 Ford Truck

The '51 Ford Truck
Kimberleigh Gavin, Graphic design, 2007

Every Rattle, Knock and Door Slam

Paul Gavin Fine Art The '51 Ford pick-up truck came from our grandparent's ranch. Known as "Dick's truck" because he was the primary driver, it actually belonged to our grandmother who had the custom canopy created back in '51 to protect fragile materials during transport.

Young Paul in Santa Paula

Young Paul shows off his art with his future truck in the background. Santa Paula, California, 1957.

Upon turning 16, the truck was mine for the one month that Dick went on vacation and I performed his duties. Those daily town runs and the longer treks to "the city" (Los Angeles) made the smell and every rattle, knock and door slam a part of me.

The truck retired from ranch life in 1978 to begin its second career as the "51 Art Truck." Although a very starving artist, I was able to purchase it and with more time than mone. learned to do all maintenance and repairs except those requiring special tools. Painting road trips grew more numerous and distant and the truck has been outfitted accordingly.

Still a "3 on the tree," 6 volt positive ground Flathead V-8, the 51 Art Truck is usually on display where I paint or exhibit art

51 Ford at MCAS Tustin
Painting the LTA blimp hangars
Fields surrounding MCAS Tustin
Fields near MCAS Tustin
On location in San Juan Capistrano

Above, On Location: San Juan Capistrano.

On location: MCAS Tustin — These fields were once adjacent to the former MCAS Tustin, home to historic LTA blimp hangars. But history has been trumped by "progress" and the last hangar will soon be dismantled.

Below, On Location: San Clemente — Painting en plein air outside Antoine's Cafe.

On location at Antoine's restaurant
Painting at Antoine's in San Clemente

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