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Marine Corps Air Station El Toro Air Show

El Toro Air Show 1993 El Toro was commissioned in 1943 and first used for training combat pilots for World War II. Before it was decommissioned and officially closed in 1999, the station provided air support for the U.S. Marine Corps Pacific Fleet. Wedged between two freeways and surrounded by agricultural fields and suburban growth, the former MCAS El Toro is now being planned for a large urban park as well as homes and businesses. But in its prime, the station hosted some spectacular air shows. Paul was there often.

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Just a few miles from El Toro is MCAS Tustin, also decommissioned but once the Navy's west coast LTA blimp station. Down the freeway and just north of San Diego is Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. Miramar once housed both the Marines and Navy in the 1940s until the Marines moved to El Toro in 1947 and Miramar became a Navy air base. When MCAS Tustin and El Toro were closed, the Marines moved back to Miramar.

MCAS Miramar Air Show

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