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Land's End: Cabo San Lucas
Premier Coastal Series

Land's End: Cabo San Lucas

Land's End: Cabo San Lucas
Paul Gavin, Ink & watercolor, 1991

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Land's End

Paul Gavin Fine Art The fourth of the Premier Coastal Series images, this painting of Cabo San Lucas was completed just as the major developments in that Baja Mexico town were really starting.

After climbing all of the hills around the city and checking every view across the bay as possible, this view from the top of the Pedrigal area was chosen.

The classic Cabo hotels Hacienda and Finesterra are easily found, once you realize that you are looking down at it from the painting's view.

The well known arch is behind the hill to the upper right. And while climbing that hill to see if that would make a good view, I came across a grotto with lit candles at the top above which were two crosses. It caught me by surprise and I looked around to see if there were any other people around. Once I saw that there wasn't anyone, I decided to take some pictures of the grotto and crosses.

As I backed up to shoot one of the crosses, I happened to look down to my right and saw that my foot was on the edge of a 100-foot sheer cliff. It took my breath away, and I grabbed the nearest rock. I was almost over the edge.

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